Banh Mi Recipe – Vietnamese Sandwiches Pork Belly

The original idea was to be a quick and easy street food Banh mi is loaded with flavor, with a hint of fat, balanced by delicate pickles that are very cost-effective. If you can find it on fresh, freshly cut bread it’s the best. It is a must-have for any sandwich lover. Vietnamese banh mi sandwich is a must for anyone who loves sandwiches.

Banh Mi is the sequel to the recipe that I last published, the Vietnamese pork belly recipe..

Vietnamese sandwich Vietnamese sandwich was inspired from French colonialism that influenced Vietnam along with French baguettes (much similar to what Vietnamese egg coffee is) however, it is the Vietnamese people have created this sandwich as the result of their own inventions.

Vietnamese banh mi a refreshing change from the traditional white bread sandwiches. It has distinct and unique flavors than traditional american chains that offer footlong sandwiches. It is a great way to get your crispy, crunchy bread with meats that are savory as well as salty and fatty spreads, crunchy pickles that make up for the richness and herbs for a clean hand-held meal packed with flavors.

Banh miis an Vietnamese sandwich. Banh mi is also literally bread, similar to the way that the Vietnamese rice word can also mean “meals” or “food.” I’ve often thought that it was a’shortcut method of saying something or because the primary ingredient, which is rice or bread, is so essential, it’s not separate from the food or dish you prepare from it.

Shopping at local stores

I grew up watching my mom making these meals at the home of her at home in San Jose, and now I’m blessed to reside in a large Vietnamese community called Little Saigon, in Southern California. There are numerous banh mi stores in the vicinity, such as Gala Bakery and many places in Banh Mi Che Cali. I used to consume lots of Lee’s Sandwiches and they’re good choices with fresh baguettes fresh from the oven, however, you can get more high-quality sandwiches at smaller mom and pop places.

The fact that there is many competitors within Southern California keeps the prices much lower than that of the 5 American subs, something I’m happy about. Also, if you’re able to get the infamous Vietnamese buy-2-get-1 for free you can even save money to fill up.

The bread (Ổ Bánh Mì)

The most important aspect that stands out for bread. Quality and style are important. Bread of good quality is a foundation for the other ingredients (which you must select with care as well).

There are people who bake their own bread After failing around 12 times in normal French baguettes, I am a bit of a skeptic on this point. In this recipe , I used mini supermarket Vietnamese baguettes. There’s no shame in that!

The issue with a great baguette to make banh mi is that you can’t purchase it in any other way than from an Vietnamese bakery. These huge, thick breads which American grocery stores bake (sometimes to make garlic bread) are huge and quite dense, however, they can be used for a short time. French bread is closer.

Avoid sourdough and anything that is too heavy and aim for a crisp crust. Vietnamese baguette is usually quite airy and has a crisp crust. Certain markets sell small pieces of french bread that can serve as a substitute to make this.

If you have the chance to visit a store that has bread that is specifically designed to be used in sandwich sandwiches things will alter, even if the ingredients for the filling remain the same.

The filling or grilled meat

A homemade sandwich made from meat is much more appealing when it’s tailored to your preferences. Making sure that the fattiness of the meat, the thickness of the cut and seasoning, as well as the quantity of meat included in the sandwich to be just right can elevate your sandwich to a new level.

If you want a easy meat recipe make use of this oven-baked (or barbecue) pork recipe that I’ve got in my bun Thit Nuong recipe.

The vegetables and pickles

Cucumbers: choose Persion style to get the best crunch. Regular cucumbers work well for pinch quantities too!

Herbs All you need is cilantro, and you’re good to go. I’ve seen some people make use of different herbs. While they might taste good but it’s not the traditional way to cook and could turn Vietnamese individuals off.

Pickles Let’s be very clear that I like my mom’s recipe for Do Chua (Vietnamese pickles). Only a couple of stores in the area make Vietnamese pickles in the style I like them-many shops make it sweet and also extra spicy. You also use Nuoc Mam to make your favorite sauce

This is Do Chua

I’ll still have it when I’m served and I’m not trying to be a jerk however I’d like to let you know that there is alternatives to the supermarket pickles, and if make yourself, you may change the way you view these pickles.

Follow my recipe to get more flavor, less pickle, and a higher daikon-to-carrot ratio. Once you’ve mastered the art of it, you’ll be able to modify it according to your preferences also!

Onions are not required in the sandwich, as are jalapenos too, but almost every restaurant has them as a standard. If you’re looking for an alcohol-based drink to accompany your Vietnamese sandwich it’s hard to find a better choice than a ca-phe sua da, or chilled Vietnamese cafe!

A few frequently asked questions regarding banh mi…

Are Vietnamese sandwiches healthy?

Like all sandwiches, the your health is determined by the ingredients you include in your sandwich. Banh mi offers the option of incorporating different types of meat, from pork to chicken, vegetarian options, pickled vegetables as well as bean sprouts, and many more.

My favorite banh mi dishes contain mayonnaise as well as pate and plenty of meat. This puts the sodium and fat on the upper end of the spectrum. As with all food, enjoy in moderation:).

What kind of bread is used in banh mi?

It might look similar to typical French baguettes from the outside, however Vietnamese baguettes are lighter inside. A lot of shops offer the 12″ Vietnamese loaf and the “baguette” option. In this recipe, I like to make small Vietnamese baguettes.

What does banh Mi mean in Vietnamese?

In Vietnamese banh could refer to bread or baked goods , and mi can mean “wheat.”

Vietnamese sandwiches (Banh mi recipe)

Homemade pork belly or grilled meat + Vietnamese pickles means more control over the flavor in banh mi. Vietnamese sandwiches are a unique creation, you can custom for your favorite
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Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Breakfast, sandwiches, street food
Cuisine vietnamese
Servings 4
Calories 1114 kcal


  • 4 – 6 Vietnamese baguettes – the more fresh the more delicious
  • 1lb to 1.5lb homemade pork belly or grilled meat
  • Three or four cucumbers with a crunchy texture. Persian cucumbers are perfect
  • Vietnamese pate  Optional
  • Homemade Vietnamese pickles / Do Chua As far as you'd prefer.
  • 1 large yellow onion, thinly cut optional
  • 8 – 12 sprigs of cilantro
  • Maggi , or Soy Sauce for taste
  • One to two medium-sized jalapenos, thinly slice
  • Freshly ground black pepper, to taste Optional


  • Toast baguettes until warm but not too crispy that they break when you slice them to make fillings.
  • Clean all the vegetables and slice them to prepare. Cutting using the help of a mandoline ensures that everything is uniform.
  • Split baguettes, but keep the back side uncut to ensure that the loaf remains intact
  • Put mayonnaise and/or pate on the bottom, and then add the meat and vegetables to your taste.
  • Include a few shakes Maggi or Soy Sauce and a few grinds pepper to make it taste
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