Miến Gà Recipe (Vietnamese Chicken Soup/ Glass Noodles)

(Miến Gà) Mien ga is an extremely straightforward and flavorful Vietnamese chicken soup that is made of cellophane noodles. The soup is garnished with a mix of onions and cilantro, it always remind me of Vietnamese food. We’d always have an plastic container for this soup whenever soup was served for the entire week.

This is a great recipe for novice cooks to start off with because it’s fairly difficult to make it right. It’s comforting and has a positive mood that anyone will be grateful for.

You might think this recipe is easy it’s almost a recipes that don’t require a recipe, but if not cooked before, it’s extremely helpful to have a guideline for measuring and the rationale behind that method.

my Mien ga recipe

The recipe is among the soups that my grandmother or mother could make within a half hour prior dinner. I’d probably not order it in a restaurant , as I’d rather have something that’s not too difficult to prepare at home. However, it is available at restaurants that serve chicken, or chicken broth-based soups!

It’s one of those simple meals that feel like home. Perhaps I’m fortunate to have a variety of dishes that provide this kind of feeling. For instance, Thit kho as well as Ca kho to.

Mien ga is, in actual fact similar to the Nui Ga ( Vietnamese chicken soup with macaroni) however we substitute the macaroni in one and replace it with cellophane noodles on the other.

The noodles

Cellophane noodles are known as mien Vietnamese. Also known as glass noodles also referred to as mung bean noodles or threads made of mung beans. They’re the same noodles we put in Vietnamese eggs (Cha Gio).

Mien *

They look transparent or clear and not as solid white as that of the Bun bo Hue noodles (spicy pork and beef noodles soup) however, they are not like those found in Bun thit nuong (Vietnamese cooked pork and rice noodles) or pancit Palabok.

There are many different ways to make Mung bean noodles So make sure to look over the list of ingredients to determine the ingredients you’re using. This recipe is made with Mung bean noodles.

All you have to do to prepare them to use them

The chicken broth

The broth can be used in a variety of ways and I love the fact that you can prepare it in a variety of ways to meet your personal preferences: mix it with bones of pork or mixed with canned broth if you’re not able to get enough chicken.

In this recipe, we’ll make it using only chicken. There are 2 pounds of chicken. I like bone-in and skin-on whenever possible.

And I would be wary of dark meat when I was a kid because it seemed weird in my eyes (what was I thinking?). However, the meat you choose to make use of here will be chopped and then added to the soup in the future, therefore, you must select the cuts of meat that you would like to consume.

Dark meat is more fatty, and tastes better IMO Also, bone bones make the broth taste better as well. But I can understand that you may prefer cuts with less fat or prefer more meat to add to the soup, too.

More bones and meat generally improve the taste of the broth however if you wish to keep it affordable or you don’t plan to consume all the meat you’ve put into the broth, it’s best to reduce the quantity of chicken that is used.

What is the glass noodles made out of?

Glass noodles originate of potatoes, mung beans and tapioca starch as well as other ingredients. They’re also referred to as cellophane or Mung bean noodles. They are extremely slippery, so be sure you’ve go through my chopstick instructional to master the perfect grip.

Miến Gà recipe – Vietnamese Chicken Soup

A warm Vietnamese chicken soup that is served with transparent and transparent glass (mung beans) noodles. Originating from the northern part of Vietnam but nowadays it is available all over and in many restaurants across the US too.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
Course dinner, Main Course, noodles
Cuisine vietnamese
Servings 5 bowls
Calories 457 kcal


  • 2 lbs organic free poultry leg, thigh and leg (or any cuts you'd like)
  • 1 Tbsp salt to clean
  • tap water to clean


  • ~12.5 1 oz glass noodles (dry weight) Cellophane noodles also known as beans, mung bean noodles thread. Each bowl needs about 2.5 oz dry weight.
  • Filtered water


  • 8 c of water filtered
  • 3 tsp salt
  • 3 teaspoons sugar
  • 5 TSP monosodium glutamate / MSG


  • 1 bunch of cilantro roughly chopped
  • 1 bunch of green onions roughly chopped
  • 25 red onion cut into thin paper optional
  • 5 tbsp deep-fried shallots, if desired


  • The chicken should be cleaned. Prepare a pot with tap water along with 1 tbsp salt to a simmer, making sure to use enough water to cover the entire chickens you're cooking. When it reaches a boil you can add the chicken to the pot for about 2 to 3 minutes. Remove the water and scrub the chicken with flowing water at the bottom of your sink, using your hands.
  • Fill the pot with filtering water to cover the chicken . Then raise the heat up to high. Add salt, sugar , and MSG to the pot in proportion to the amount of water you utilized and, of course, modify according to your preferences. Once the water is at an unbeatable boil, reduce the heat to only high enough to keep it at the temperature at a simmer. The chicken is done when, after cutting, is not pink anymore. Around 30 minutes.
  • Make sure you soak enough glass noodles to make five bowls in warm, filtered water for approximately 10 minutes. It is possible to make use of hot water to soak in, and the cooking process will be faster, however you will need to watch it more attentively to determine the degree of doneness you prefer. I prefer them slightly chewy/al dente, however some people like them very soft. Drain and rinse afterward.
  • Clean your cilantro and green onion roughly chop to 1/3" long pieces and place in the bowl of garnish. Cut red onion thinly If you're using it, and put it in another bowl.
  • When the chicken is completely cooked, drain it of the broth. You can either wash it with water or place it under plastic wrap inside the bowl to keep it from turning brown. When it is cool, you can cut or shred it.
  • Put your bowls together in the following order: chicken, noodles boiling hot broth and garnish with a garnish.
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