Bun Bo Hue What is it that is it that makes it such legendary ?

What is Bun Bo Hue ?

Bun Bo Hue is an extremely popular Vietnamese spiced beef soup, which is Hue beef noodles soup that is made up of rice vermicelli as well as beef. Bun Bo Hue originally originates from Hue (a beautiful city) which is the reason why it has come is recognized as a brand

The first thing to note is that Hue was an ancient capital located in central Vietnam features the style of cooking of the old royal cuisine. This is why Hue is famous for its blend of sour, spicy sweet and salty flavours. The unique taste that is unique to Bun Bo Hue comes from the combination composed of lemongrass, bone as well as shrimp paste. A different, in comparison the Bun Bo Hue to Pho in the North as well as Bun Rieu (Bun rieu recipe) to the South The noodles are more spongier and are round.

The soup in Hue, Bun Bo Hue appears to be a perfect choice to be a breakfast alternative instead of lunch or dinner. This is why you will see this soup everywhere. It is also served as a meal at numerous street stalls, too.

Ingredients needed to make a perfect Bun Bo Hue

Also, prepare as well the Bun Bo Hue broth is by simmering the bones of beef along with pork bones. Also, lemongrass, onion ginger, sharllot. When boiling the broth, it takes 6 to 10 hours in order to obtain the sweet flavor of the bone marrow .And it is a shrimp-based paste “mam ruoc”, and the very spicy chili oil are added after the cooking process. Therefore, the perfect soup of Bun Bo Hue is a hue from chili oil. It also has the taste of shrimp paste and lemongrass as well as the smooth sweetness of bone marrow.

Hue beef Noodle soup usually contains moderately cooked beef. You can put fresh beef in the bowl, and then pour hot broth to it. Also, beef shanks, pig’s feet or other pork meat. Also, it can include cubes of beef or pig blood. It has a dark brown hue. The texture could be similar as that of black pudding. Sliced onion and spring onion are sprinkled to the top

Locals consume the Bun Bo Hue along with a salad. Like sliced blossoms of banana with basil, lettuce, mint and mung bean sprouts. Lime wedge, fish sauce and fresh chili are served on the side. This means you can spice up the soup according to your preference. The ingredients may vary according to the season or region, based on the availability of ingredients.

If you love eating, Bun Bo Hue is most likely to be one of the top Vietnamese soups made of noodles. Take a taste or two of Bun Bo Hue or enroll in the cookery class at Hue to learn to cook Bun Bo Hue. The way they make broth is differences in Pho Ha Noi

For those who want to dine Bun Bo Hue and try all the finest Hue food, take part in the every day Hue Food Tour . And meet an enthusiastic local guide who will discuss food experiences

What is the best place can I eat Bun Ho Hue ?


1-In the morning, you are able to take a bite at any restaurant located on Nguyen Cong Tru street and The Ba Tuyet is the top choice

2-Afternoon is the time to consider trying Bun Ong Vong located at 5 Nguyen Du street

3-Evening is the best time to sample those street stalls located on Ha Noi street. Ba Bot is highly recommended.


1- Pho Sure at 23876 Copper Hill Dr Valencia, CA 91354

2- LoveMama at 174 2nd Ave New York, NY 10003

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