Must try delicious dishes when first coming to SAI GON (Ho Chi Minh city)

Hotpot of Goby Fish, Pancakes braised burned rice, hot fish sauce dish… can be some options for those who are first-time visitors to Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh City).

Southern food is always awe-inspiring to visitors with its distinctive flavor and distinctive methods of preparation. Sai Gon, there are a few dishes that must try if you are visiting to Sai Gon for the very first time.

Grilled Snakehead Fish

The grilled snakehead is common for the region of the river and is often seen throughout Sai Gon. It is renowned for its distinctive flavor but the cooking process is easy. Fish needs to be cleaned and skewered by a bamboo rod to cook on the grill with no seasoning.

The distinctive feature of this dish is the sweet and soft meat of the fish, and the flavor of onion fat and peanuts. If you are eating, simply take off the burnt skin and use rice paper rolls filled with fish, vermicelli and raw vegetables like cucumber, lettuce star fruit pineapple, acrid banana, and herbs like basil and basil. basil, laksa leaf, tubers, fish paste, beans and cilantro … and then drizzled in fish sauce seasoning and tamarind sauce or the ginger sauce…

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Referrer address

  • 91 Phan Dinh Phung Str, Tan Thanh Ward, Tan Phu Dist
  • 954 Tan Ky Tan Quy Str, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu Dist
  • 74A Tan Ky Tan Quy Str, Ward 14, Tan Phu Dist

Vietnam’s West Cake

Western pancakes have become a common dish for the inhabitants in Sai Gon. The ingredients consist of rice flour ready-to-eat that is mixed with coconut milk, turmeric powder as well as finely chopped scallions. The filling can be varied according to your preference and the ingredients available The fryer is able to alter. The most popular fillings used are bacon and chicken, shrimp duck, mushroom, beans sprouts…

Delicious food and delicious flavor, the exterior of the dessert is crunchy round and round. The filling is evenly distributed after it is folded. The vegetables that accompany it include lettuce and basil, lettuce, collard greensand perilla. mango buds, cassava buds, lentil buds, guise leaf… to ensure not to become bored. In the course of eating, guests take vegetables, put the pastry on top then roll the cake and make a dip in sweet and tart sauce for fish.

Address of reference

  • 204 Nguyen Trai Str, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, Dist 1
  • 10A, February 3rd Str, Ward 12, Dist 10

Goby Fish Hotpot & leaves

Hotpot made from Goby Fish is an iconic and traditional dish from people from the Southern people. The ingredients are simple including goby fish Giang leaves bitter vegetables, tomatoes onions, garlic and pineapple… making an aromatic hot pot that has distinctive flavor.

One of the most distinctive features that is unique to goby is the fact that raw fish is dropped into the hot, boiling pot directly in front of the diner. For some people who have never eaten before this method can leave them feel somewhat apprehensive as well as “afraid”. However, this is only an initial impression. The tasty tastes of the food can alter your perception completely. Hot pots have an eminent sweet and sour flavour and the meat of a fish is fatty. Add hot sauce over vermicelli or dip in bitter vegetables, fish garlic chili sauce for fish or the tamarind sauce for serving.

Address of reference

  • 87 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Str, Ward 7, Dist 3
  • 14-16 Pham Ngu Lao Str, Ward 3, Go Vap Dist
  • Alley 252 Ly Thuong Kiet Str, Ward 14, Dist 10,

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Braised rice fried in oil

A rustic stew of Southerners.

Braised fried rice is well-known throughout the South. It is a traditional dish that is inexpensive, simple to prepare and extremely generous. The most essential ingredients for the stew include bacon, fish sauce dried shrimp, sweet pepper and sugar. When it is served, the stew is typically yellow-brown and has an intense sweet flavor.

Break a piece of cooked rice, and then pour it in the stew and then fully relish the flavor of the dish. Alongside burnt rice, guests can dip cooked vegetables in braised pork.

Referrer address

  • C567 Tung Thien Vuong Str, Ward 12, Dist 8.
  • 226 Su Van Hanh Str, Ward 2, Dist 10.
  • 19 Pham Van Dong Str, Ward 3. Go Vap Dist.

Fish sauce and hot pot

Mam hotpot is an emblem of the river region , and there are numerous delicious foods that can be found in Sai Gon. The food is a mixture of ingredients from the sea, ponds rivers, fields, and ingredients like shrimp, fish crab, squid, crab meat, pork… The distinctive feature of Hot pots with hot sauce fish is its broth. From Chung Fish Sauce, typically snakehead fish sauce, choke fish, or the Linh fish…

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A variety of vegetables are the primary ingredient of this dish. Fish sauce-based vegetables served in a hot pot include all kinds that are grown under water, such as corianderand bitter vegetable, dandelions water hyacinth, rafter chopsticks, etc. It creates a distinct flavor to the dish. .

Address of reference

  • 140/13 Tran Huy Lieu Str, Ward 15, Phu Nhuan Dist.
  • 74 Ut Tich Str, Tan Binh Dist.
  • 40 Vinh Khanh Str, Ward 8 Dist4
  • 410 Nguyen Xi Str, Ward 13, Binh Thanh Dist.

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