Thai Iced Tea Recipe (Easy Thai Tea at home)

It’s almost always necessary to get Thai Iced Tea when I take a bite of Thai food. If you’ve tried Thai Iced Tea, then you’ve heard about this bright orange, sweet concoction should be served cold and with plenty and plenty of cold ice.

The refreshing drink you order goes well with all the delicious and spicy food items we get at Thai restaurants. Consider this: what better way to enjoy your hot Thai basil-fried rice, Panang curry, pad see ew or papaya salad, than the refreshing sip of sweet milk tea?

Thai tea’s origins

The original drinks consumed on the streets of Thailand It is now possible to be able to find it at a variety of Thai eateries or even in cafes serving bubble tea and boba across the US. After asking a lot of my Thai friends about their favorite Thai recipe for tea, I was shocked to discover that they actually make tea mix rather than making the tea by hand! To find out more about tea, check out my article about green tea as opposed to. the black variety.

What’s what’s in Thai Iced Tea?

It is generally believed that Thai Iced Tea composed of a tea mixture which is steeped in hot water and then blended traditionally using sugar-sweetened condensed milk and then topped by crushed ice. But, you could also make use of regular white sugar or make your own syrup and add milk of your choice.

The Thai mixed tea iced packets have very few labels based on my experiences. My test packets have a description of some type of tea (black green, white or “tea powder”) perhaps sugar, and at least some kind in food coloring.


What makes Thai Iced Tea orange?

The majority of teas have yellow food coloring #6 – this is how Thai tea gets its famed orange color. If you’re unsure about including food colorings within your daily diet, you should be aware that a lot (if it’s not the only one) in these Thai teas have food coloring.

The most popular Thai tea brands

After talking to some of my acquaintances I came across a couple of kinds of Thai tea mix packages on the internet. I have tried three well-known Thai tea blends for this recipe:

Pantai Thai Tea Mix was hands-down my preferred of the three due to its powerful flavor. Because you’ll be adding an ice cube to the Thai milk tea it is important to ensure that your drink is strong enough so that it doesn’t get diminished due to the crushed Ice.

How do you prepare Thai tea in your home

Making the tea is as effortless as making any of the other types of teas at home. In a pot on the stove, put four cups of water on medium-high temperature. When the water starts to boil and the tea is ready, add the tea blend and stir it thoroughly.

Let the tea boil for three minutes. Be attentive to the tea’s boiling to avoid the water from over-cooking and possibly damaging your stove using yellow food coloring. After three minutes, take the teapot from the stove and allow the tea to cool for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes after 20 minutes, strain the tea through an mesh strainer, a bowl or tea sock. Be sure that the tea is clean and free of tea leaves. Because Thai tea tastes best cold served, I prefer making this recipe in advance and let it sit in the refrigerator for two hours.

For assembling pour a glass of lots of ice . Add half of the chilled Thai tea into the glass. Mix in your favorite sweetener (we like adding three teaspoons condensed milk to achieve the ideal quantity of sugar and genuine taste, however, you can choose to make use of any sugar you like). Then, sit back and enjoy the stunning-ness of the orange ombre begin to happen. This is my most favorite part!

Ice helps in reducing the sweetness, so we need strong and sweet a base. Add additional ice if you like. Enjoy!

Thai Iced Tea Recipe

An extremely simple and easy method to make Thai Iced Tea using the most popular mix from the top brand. If you've been able to experience Thai Iced Tea, you've heard about this vibrant sweet, orange concoction is best served chilled with lots lots of Ice.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
COOLING 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours 30 minutes
Course Dessert, Drinks
Cuisine asian, thai
Servings 2 servings
Calories 42 kcal




  • In a saucepan on the stove, put four cups of water, and bring it to a simmer.
  • Make sure to add the 1 cup Pantai Thai Tea mix to the pot, and mix thoroughly. The tea should simmer for three minutes, and watch the pot with a watchful eye in case it boils over (this occurs quickly).
  • The pot should be removed from the heat and let it sit for about 20 minutes.
  • Utilizing an strainer made of mesh (or tea sock) to strain your tea leaves (this should result in about 2 cups).
  • Allow the tea to chill for at least two hours prior to the assembly. I prefer to prepare this ahead of time and let the tea to cool within the fridge.


  • In two 8 oz glasses, add crushed (much preferred!) Ice to each glass then divide Thai tea into each glass.
  • Mix in the your desired quantity of condensed milk to the recipe. I prefer to start with 2 tbsp condensed milk, and then adjust by adding 1 tablespoon. (I discovered that 3 tbsp was the right sweetness for an authentic Thai tea taste). Keep in mind that the ice helps reduce the taste, therefore we need a strong flavor and sweet base.
  • Add additional crushed ice and drink!
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